At each festival in recent years, the AOJQ has honoured a representative of the musical world and a volunteer for their contributions to promoting music among youth. The awards were renamed in 2012 to honour two men, both of whom died in 2009, who dedicated their lives to youth and music.

Yves Tremblay and Père Fernand Lindsay at the Festival de Lanaudière in 2003.

Fernand-Lindsay Award

The Musician Award


The Fernand-Lindsay Award is named in honour of a man who devoted an important part of his life to classical music and youth in the Lanaudière region. It is awarded to a representative of the world of music in recognition of his or her work with youth.

1991 Père Rolland Brunelle
1993 Père Fernand Lindsay
1995 Jacques Clément
1997 Mario Duschenes
1999 Véronique Lacroix
2001 Marc David
2003 Louis Lavigueur
2005 Yves Tremblay
2007 Luc Chaput
2010 Stewart Grant
2012 James Darling 
2014 Jacques Clément 
2016 Louise Richard 
2018 Andrée-Anne Massé

Prix Yves-Tremblay
The Volunteer Award


The Yves-Tremblay Award is named in memory of a great pioneer who worked within the AOJQ for thirty years, including six as president. It is awarded to a volunteer who has given generously to young musicians.

1995 Jacques et Hélène Corman
1997 Pierre H. Massé

1999 Aline Blain
2001 Michel Viau
2003 René Lessard
2005 Andrée Bellerive

2007 Chantal Trottier
2010 Claire Coté
2012 Anne-Marie Dupont
2014 Jacqueline Pelletier
2016 Isabelle Delage

2018 Keith Dunn

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